As we enter 2016 we wanted to share a 2015 Recap of everything exciting that happened this year!


We are very grateful for 2015, this has been an amazing year for us, not only did Melinda turn 30 and celebrated her birthday with over 300 people at the Godfrey rooftop but we have grown our Mac & Cheese Fest in the city that we love by doubling the size from last year offering a lunch & dinner session featuring over 50 restaurants per session competing for the Golden Noodle and 5,000+ people in attendance. Between last year and this year we have donated a total of $25,000 to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Check out the full album of photos and the winners at www.macandcheesechicago.com!


Our dear Raymi, Cece’s Wheaton Terrier turned 10 years old this year. We celebrated with a PUP-a-chino and a doggy cake in the park! Cece met Raymi when Raymi was only 2 months old and took her home.

“Raymi” actually means “Event” or “Festival” that attracts with much energy in Quechua which is an indigenous language of the Andean region, spoken today by over 13 million people in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Northern Chile, Argentina and Southern Colombia. It was the official language of the Tawantinsuyu, the Incan Empire. This is how Raymi was named as she is full of energy!

This year we tried REALLY HARD to eat healthy and exercise. The decision to be healthier in 2015 came after Cece’s doctor told her that her cholesterol levels were very high which was a bit scary! After surviving Thanksgiving through Christmas our continued 2016 New Years Resolutions include continuing the progress that we have made. Cece as always continues to cook delicious authentic Peruvian dishes. Aside from tasting many mac and cheese dishes throughout the city, we also order brownie desserts everywhere we go but in moderation now! Cece has lost 25 lbs in 2015 and Melinda almost 10!

AND to save the best for last: Cece got engaged this year to John in August. We could not be happier for the engagement and we’ll celebrate with an unforgettable wedding in the Spring of 2016. John is the kindest most patient man and the two of them make a perfect couple!

Cece’s only sister Mili will be the Matron of honor and Melinda will be the maid of honor. Some of Cece’s BEST friends from around the world will be flying in to be there on the special day as bridesmaids in the wedding. Shaun Rajah, longtime best friend to Cece will be sharing all of his wedding expertise to ensure the big day goes off without a hitch!

We look forward to what 2016 will bring! We do not take anything for granted. Since we started in 2008 we have not received any help from sugar daddies or rich husbands, we are real women that have worked hard everyday hustling to make a living.  We want to thank everyone who supported us and believed in us. We are like Nemo in the big shark tank but slowly and with pride, dignity and determination we continue rising to the top.

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