Chicago Gourmet 2012

If you missed Chicago Gourmet 2012 this year in Millennium Park and/or have never been make sure not to miss this outdoor annual phenomenon next year (September 27-29, 2013).

Chicago Gourmet is an annual celebration of food and wine showcasing more than 100 of Chicago’s finest restaurants and chefs, as well as hundreds of renowned vintners, spirit makers and premium breweries from around the world.

Dozens of live cooking demonstrations, expert seminars, gourmet tastings, and book signings are offered.

The best part of the event is getting to taste such a large variety of wines and spirits that you have have never had the opportunity to try and the staff at each table are friendly and happy to share about the product lines!

Absolut and Patron had the best branded exhibits and the tastiest cocktails! (How do I order a Chicago Gourmetini year round?)

We saw our favorite mixologist and Vice President of Nightlife for Menin Hotels (Drumbar) @BenjaminNewby serving up cocktails – what a line for his creations!

Cece’s favorite dish was the delicious steak with mashed potatoes from Texas de Brazil, I loved the Red Kuri Soup (maple roasted squash, lime honey, garam masala) from Lockwood, the restaurant in the Palmer House.


Props to Target, they had a really nice display with a wine glass chandelier! All their tastes they were offering came with menus so that you could go home and make them yourself and they were giving away bags of pasta! We had a great time visiting with them!

The highlight of the day was having one more glass of Moët & Chandon Champagne and tripping (correction: Cece tripping) on the platform area reaching to have her glass filled and then announcing as loud as possible, ‘I’M NOT DRUNK!’

We really enjoyed trying new wines and spirits throughout the afternoon including the Zignum Agave from Mexico and recommend it to anyone who enjoys expanding their palates!

See you there next year! Don’t forget to mark your calendars now!

A Dream Come Reality by: Marissa Kendrick

In February,  I was informed of the opportunity to win a scholarship to attend the NABA Fashion Accessories Design Workshop in Milan, Italy.   The competition consisted of my choosing of which USA Olympic Team inspired me the most.  After studying the different USA Olympic Teams, the women’s swim team is what caught my interest immediately.  I started with sketches, then different types of gems, adornments, an array of materials, and finally the creation of the three.  My finished product was two swim suits accessorized with jewelry overlays, fashionable swim head wraps including goggles all of which bring out the essence of the Olympic Swimmer.


To my surprise, I won, I won, wow, I said to myself, “I am going to Italy to study this is a dream come true”. It was an amazing feeling and still is.  The scholarship covered my studies for the advanced summer workshop however it does not cover travel, room and board, and other various expenses.  Now I needed to get creative. How am I to raise money to go to Italy July 21st through August 5th 2012.   I recruited a couple of friends who are also students at Columbia and put together a video informing all of my friends and supporters on Facebook about my endeavor and my need.  So far I have received some support but it’s not enough.

CLICK HERE to learn how you can help & make a donation!

Thank you for your support,
Marissa Kendrick

TWELVE WEST – The Gold Coast’s Newest Lounge!

If you missed our Chicago’s Sweetheart’s event at TWELVEWEST on Thursday, June 7th, you also missed out on checking out TWELVEWEST, the Gold Coast’s newest lounge. CLICK HERE to see the photos from the event. All of the Sweethearts looked beautiful and we were delighted to have 12 of Chicago’s sweetest women together for an evening to celebrate!

When we first visited the venue we were in love and wanted to share the hidden gem that it is with everyone! TWELVEWEST provides an intimate and elegant setting to enjoy cocktails, conversation, music and dancing before or after dinner! They offer LIVE entertainment almost every night and you can check out which bands will be performing HERE.

The TwelveWest Family invites everyone to stop in during June to Buy One Drink and Get The Second One Free. Take advantage of this opportunity to check out the venue and have a drink!

Connect with them on twitter @TWELVEWEST and let them know you stopping in! They will be delighted to have you!

Be sure to let us know what you thought!

Hope to see you at our upcoming events!

50 & Beautiful: Wednesday, July 18th

The Fourth Annual Taste of the Gold Coast: Thursday, August 16th

Visit to purchase tickets!


Chicago’s Biggest Misconceptions…

After having a good laugh about 3 of the funniest misconceptions we’ve heard about ourselves we had to create a post and also wanted to include others around Chicago that wanted to share with us  as it seems everybody has misconceptions!

Our personal funniest misconceptions:


1. Being asked if we are lesbians.

While we absolutely support the gay community and have so many friends of this nature we ourselves are not lesbians.



2. If we met while working at a post-office.

Not sure where this came from. While we support all women with working jobs to provide for their families we met in 2006 in ‘Corporate America’ when working together for a leading international testing, inspection, certification and technological services company servicing 14 sectors on 5 continents in over 40 countries. We started our company with no investors, no capital, no sugar daddies, just ourselves! We are minority business women owned and proud of it and are down-to-earth aside from the hair, makeup and heels! We have also been asked frequently what else we do or if this is our only job. We work full time for our own company and do not hold any other jobs. We work around the clock on our signature events and projects for clients, there’s no time for anything else!


3. Cece’s native country being Brazil or Colombia.

Most of the time people know Cece is from South America but are not sure of the specific country. While Cece loves the food, music and culture from Brazil and Colombia she is from Peru and is 100% Peruvian!


Lastly, we’ve often been labeled as ‘good cop’/'bad cop’ with the Ying Yang dynamic of Melinda offering a more well mannered approach and Cece using her ‘Fiery Latina’ approach. This one is for the most part true. Although we really prefer being an addition to the ‘fire department’ than the ‘police force’ – Cece creates the fires and Melinda puts them out! lol Our opposite dynamic helps us to successfully run our business.


To learn more about us make sure you follow us on twitter @cecemelinda, friend us on Facebook at Cece & Melinda with Raymi Productions plus sign up to receive our emails from

AND we are not the only ones..

Below take a minute to read more outrageous misconceptions from many other Chicagoans! We hope to set the record straight from funny things that that have been said or heard that have no merit or truth!


Nancy Loo
WGN-TV, Reporter/Fill-in Anchor
Much shorter than I look on TV. 5’1″. On a good day.









Host, author, Chicago Now blogger, Tribune Society Columnist
People think my home décor is modern but when they visit, they find that it’s very traditional filled with antiques and sentimental objects…..I’m a huge romanticist and can’t throw anything away that’s been touched by someone I love.



Catie Keogh
Host/Executive Producer of 24/7 Chicago on NBC5
My misconception is that people think I am just the “on-air” talent of 24/7 when in actuality, I own / operate and executive produce 24/7 as well.  (did I mention I am a wife, mother, and a terrible cook!)



Kelli Zink
Host of
All I do for a living is go to parties. Truth: I actually work in our studio from about 8am till 5pm daily- plus I do numerous national TV hits as well as work red carpets in the evenings and on weekends. My job is truly 24-7 and I love it.




Corri McFadden
Owner and Founder, eDrop-Off
That I don’t like to get my hands dirty. Just because you are wearing 6 inch heels doesn’t mean that you aren’t on the floor packing boxes and doing whatever it takes in the day to ensure your company is running smoothly. Photo by eBay.



Julian On The Radio
WBBM-FM B96-Morning Show Host

A common misconception about me is since I work for a Top 40 station this must mean I listen to everything that we play!  Don’t get me wrong I dig the music that we play but I’m a BIG supporter of anything local in Chicago on the come up.  I also LOVE me some great hip hop that isn’t exactly mainstream.  Look out for artists such as the OH-MY’s, Chance the Rapper, and Kids These Days all our of Chicago.  On a broader scale I dig Macklemore, Mac Miller, and Machine Gun Kelly to name a few.  Don’t get me wrong I still rock out to my Carly Ray Jepsen, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift! Photo by Tommie Nguyen MV//


Marcus Riley
Multimedia Entertainment Reporter, NBC 5
“I tend to live by the adage that whatever you think of me is really none of my business. That being said, the biggest misconception I get is when people find me on Twitter, where I’m listed as Mr. Marcus Riley. No, I’m not THAT Mr. Marcus. That was my previous profession.”



Amy Allen
Chicago Social Brides – Group Publisher
I am often mistaken for an intern in our office when I am really the Publisher. This is not because I look young, but rather than I am always schlepping magazine and lending a helping hand at events. It is kind of nice though.


Amanda Puck
EVP of Public Relations – XA, The Experiential Agency
Everyone thinks that doing PR/Events is so glamorous, but us professionals just really make it look that way.  There is so much behind the scenes “nitty gritty” prep work, but when it is showtime, it is showtime!  Just recently at the NRA show, a client and I  were setting up for a cooking demo that took them hours to prepare, miles to transport and we had to be meticulous in our set-up.  Of course it went without a hitch, and we got to enjoy a cocktail afterwards. Photo by Caleb Condit


Jonny Imerman
Imerman Angels, 1-on-1 Cancer Support – Chief Mission Officer yo!

People think I like fundraising because i work for a non-profit. SOOOOOO not true! That’s why I’m the Chief Mission Officer, because I love spreading the word and finding people with cancer, meeting survivors, visiting  people with cancer in the hospital and giving pump-ups, and connecting the dots and interacting with the people we serve! But I don’t like asking anyone for  ANYTHING. Fundraising is my LEAST favorite of all, and so I’ve never asked  anyone directly for $1 for anything including IA. but we have fundraising consultants who handle it for us so we can afford 5 full-time employees and do our word, but I make SURE it’s done zero-pressure and very tactfully, as I believe giving should always be:)


Cynthia Burns
Today’s Chicago Woman
“Woman About Town” blogger
Misconception about me: That I have a split personality, reality is that I have a twin sister.



John Dalton
Co-owner minibar and DS Tequila Co.
Misconception is that I am married to my business partner.  It’s confusing in the gay world to introduce people as your “partner” when you are business partners but not life partners.  Many times I have received mail to “Mr. and Mr. (Insert last Name of my business partner).”  Hopefully with the President’s support of Gay Marriage, that won’t have to be an issue in the future.



Tsi-tsi-ki Felix
News Anchor Telemundo Chicago
The biggest misconception about me is the origin of my name. The right spelling is Tsi-tsi-ki and people think its Greek name because of the sauce Tzatziki, or Chinese because of the pronunciation, but it’s actually ethnic Mexican from the purepechas in Michoacán south of Mexico where I’m from. It’s from the dialect “tarasco” and it means ‘flower’.  You can imagine how many variations of my name appear in my credit report!


Sarah Vargo
Founder and President of Maven, Marketing Director/Partner of Social Gravity and Philanthropist for One Hope United
That I am party girl who goes out all the time and have always been the popular girl. Yes, I do enjoy throwing parties and certainly enjoy being social and outgoing. I can also be the life of the party. But I am also shy and very spiritual.  I really enjoy hanging out with small groups of friends or with people on a one on one basis. Needless to say, I am actually somewhat of a nerd and enjoy staying home on the weekends to watch the History Channel (anything with quantum physics) and like quiet dinners with friends. Because I wasn’t always popular growing up, I think that’s helped me relate to people more as an adult and has actually helped me become more likable now. My upcoming book “Life Is Your Party” will really combine both my social and spiritual identities.


Steve Green
President NetupNow and Creator of #Foodiechats The Twitter Show
A misconception of me is that I am super outgoing. I am actually shy and reserved. I actually work a little harder than people think to be outgoing. I am naturally a loner and keep to myself. One day I decided to say HI to everyone and that helped me get out of my shell.



Hope Bertram
Founder and CEO Digital Megaphone
People assume that I’m social since I own a networking business and am out fairly often.  I’m actually very shy and avoid situations where I won’t know anyone.  I typically make a point of introducing myself to 2 – 3 people whenever I’m out, which puts me outside of my comfort zone.  The next time you see me out, make sure to come up and introduce yourself if I don’t get to you first!


Brand owner of Mafia Hairdresser (Novels, Mafia Hairdresser, and The Glow Stick Gods, Murder, There’s An App For That, 50 Days of 50, and Social Media for Stylists, Salon & Spas.)
Most of my women clients think that I am actually writing about them in my novels or critiquing their hair when I see them out and about at social functions. Not so True! I would *never* write anything, even “cleverly veiled,” that might be found out; and when I’m out of the salon I don’t even think about hair.


Julee B. White
President and CEO Testarossa Entertainment
The most often repeated misconception about me is in regards to whom I am dating. It appears there is a group of ladies, which I fondly refer to as the “mean girls” aka opportunistic socialite wannabes that don’t even really know me, but appear to be absolutely intrigued with my social life. It seems that if I attend an event with a male friend or colleague, it could literally set off a chain of emails, phone calls and discussions about whom I am (or am not) dating. I actually find this incredibly amusing that people have so much free time or that they care about my dating life so much they feel the need to discuss it, even though it is clearly none of their business. Trust me, there is not really much to discuss! I think Coco Chanel said it best “I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all.”


Joe Cutaia
PR Guru at Wagstaff Worldwide
That all those in my industry do is go to parties and plan events. 99% of my time is spent meeting with clients, at my desk working on campaign strategy and marketing initiatives, and account management. 90% of the time I end up eating alone at my desk because I’m so busy, but I love every minute of it!



Rachel Schwanz
Chief Creative Officer A Perfect Event
Misconception:  most think I’m from New York and Jewish, but I’m neither!  I get it so much, that now I just go with it!  Mazel Tov! I’m actually from Grosse Pointe MI and I’m a mix of French, German, Irish and Italian!




Dominique Scalise
Lettuce Entertain You/ VIP Services
The biggest misconception of me is that I’m a party girl because I work in a nightclub. When I’m not at work I’m home cooking dinner with friends or spending time with my family and 2 dogs. Yes I like to have fun, but it’s not who I am as a person.




Theresa Carter
The Local Tourist, Founder & Publisher
People think I’m an extrovert, when really I’m quite the opposite! I consider myself an “extroverted introvert”.




Ryan M. Beshel
Public Relations Coordinator, 900 North Michigan Shops

People often assume that I am a designer – specifically a bowtie designer. This, of course, is not true – I’m just a huge advocate of wearing bowties!




Margaret J O’Connor
MarCon Communications, Founder & Owner
Most people assume I’m American because I have no discernible accent other than an American one.  I was born in Ethiopia of Australian parents, and raised in both Ethiopia and Australia. When we came to the US, it wasn’t to immigrate but for my father to obtain his Ph.D, which he did.  He received two great job offers, my sisters and I were in high school, and it was important to our parents that we go to university. We stayed in the US.  Back then, I wanted to blend and really practiced to sound “American.” The follies of youth – I wish I still had my Australian accent.


Ahmed Braimah
Underground – Manager
Here’s my misconception- that I party all the time when actually I am busy doing whatever it takes to make sure everyone else is partying and having a great time. When I go home I unwind by watching cartoons and reading comic books.





Kerry Shorr
Freelance Publicist & Marketing Specialist Co-Creator, Luxe File Chicago
Misconception: When people first meet me, they think I hail from Los Angeles or took one too many diction classes. Actually, I was born and raised in Chicago and have been talking this way for as long as I can remember!



Sally Shorr
Co-Creator/Blogger, Luxe File Chicago
Most people think my sister, Kerry, and I are identical twins. Actually we’re fraternal twins (when two different eggs are fertilized by two different sperm). People also ask us “who’s older?” Technically we’re the same age, since we were conceived at the same time. However, since I was delivered first, I’m “older” – which makes Kerry very happy!



Julie Darling
The Darling Company – Proprietor at Argent Restaurant and Raw Bar
That I take life too seriously and my life is all about “glam”.  I’m intense and will fully admit that I constantly strive for the very best from those that surround me. Really, I’m a Midwestern girl that loves life and all it has to offer.  My PR and event marketing company is my love but my true passion lies in hospitality. Argent allows me that opportunity.




Here’s to setting the record straight!

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Join us at the 1st Annual Violet Tie Ball June 15th!

We’re so excited for the 1st Annual Violet Tie Ball! The event will be held on Friday, June 15th at Bentley Gold Coast Motors at 834 N Rush St.

This event fundraiser is important because today’s kids are tomorrows leaders!

The mission of the Violet Tie Ball is to raise money for the PREMIER3 STEM Foundation – an independent 501c3 organization dedicated to improving the participation and performance of young people across America to excel in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Recently President Obama has launched an “Educate to Innovate” campaign to improve the participation and performance of America’s students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). This campaign will include efforts not only from the Federal Government but also from leading companies, foundations, non-profits, and science and engineering societies to work with young people across America to excel in science and math.

Chicago has many great schools, teachers and students. The Foundation benefits teachers and students by giving to organizations that are dedicated to aiding and improving programs geared toward:

  • Increasing the wonder about invention and discovery
  • Building support for teachers
  • Supporting national STEM design competitions to develop game options to engage kids in scientific inquiry and challenging designs
  • Building labs in public schools that are dedicated to the most cutting edge science, technology, and engineering programs and more!

By attending the event not only will you enjoy the fashion, the music, the cocktails and the appetizers but you will be helping and contributing to reach millions of students and inspiring our next generation of inventors and innovators.


CLICK HERE to purchase your tickets today!

Receive 20% off through Sunday, May 20th using code: 2012


Valet Parking will be available at the event.
Black Tie Optional


This year’s theme is ‘Avant-Garde’ which will truly be a spectacular event to include VIP lounges, a unique fashion show, an island vacation drawing, premium wine and beer stations, ‘liquid art’ cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, private art showings all in an innovative, dynamic and modern setting.


Hope to see you there,

Whip Into Shape at FFC with us in June!

Are you up for the challenge??

Join us in the month of June at the Gold Coast Fitness Formula Club (FFC) for a four week boot camp on Mondays mornings and Wednesday evenings located at 1030 North Clark Street  Chicago, IL 60610.

The weather will be warm soon enough and this is the perfect opportunity to be ready for the beach! Let Lauren Herzog whip you into shape with us! We’ve both had the opportunity to take a training session with her before and she is tough and will make sure you see results and meet your goals!!! Join in if you dare…

Sign up today by emailing Liz Callham at!


Looking forward to seeing you there!

Enter for a chance to win a $1500 Shopping Spree with Zagat!

Attention Chicago Shopping & Food lovers:

Review Chicago stores, boutiques and gourmet food shops!

Share your opinions of Chicago stores, boutiques and gourmet food shops
with Zagat for chance to win a $1500 Shopping Spree at 900 North Michigan

Click HERE to enter the contest now!

Vote in the Zagat Chicago Shopping & Food Lovers! Click HERE to take the Survey now!


You must enter by May 10th!

Hot Hair Trends For Spring by Mafia Hairdresser!

If you fan through magazine after magazine you will get many different
answers to what is going to be Spring 2012’s beauty trends but no one is
going to hit it right on mark this year as I will because I did your
“flipping” homework for you.

Let me tell you that the beauty trends for spring are heavily influenced by our sluggish U.S. economy. Much like the depression era’s influence on fashion which produced drawn on seams on legs and red lips, we are seeing “do it yourself” chic which translates to professional stylists like me purposefully cutting uneven bangs or continuing the dark-root + light ends balayage craze right into summer. Balayage is a technique which creates a natural highlight effect on any hair type and I like to see it on medium to long lengths. Alicia and Edwin are your go-to stylists for this technique if you are going to Joseph Michael’s Salon & Spa and I also love Maxines in Chicago because they have their own Balayage Team and have a great reputation with this technique.

The must have color for brunettes will be blonde! Well, not super blonde-think J.Lo blonde, which is really a lightest-brown with blonde highlights. I just took Cece from her natural black-brown to what I call “Cece Blonde.” I highlighted all of her hair to achieve a warm buttery deep blonde; as well as lifted every part of her hair (which was processing in foils) to a dark warm camel color. These results can be lovely to anyone with gold undertones to the skin and much lighter than most brunettes think they could have ever achieved before! You have to have a great colorist who knows what they are doing to get Cece Blonde–or you might end up looking a little too orange.

And guess who else will be going blonde this spring: The Redheads! Tired of the Mad Men red phase? So are my clients. You are going to see many red heads going more strawberry and lighter to match the paler, less vibrant, color trends in clothes for spring. Please do not try Lindsay Lohan blonde if you are a natural redhead. Do I really have to tell you why? Okay, I will: Because the lack of warmth in too-blonde vs. a warm blonde can make you look older–and trashy. (But I will take your money every month to do your re-growth if you insist.)

Another hair trend that might have been influenced by economy is the swipes
of color you are seeing hairdressers apply to their young and not-so-young
clients. No more feathers! They were expensive and short lived. If you want
a flash of color, go all the way and let us put a blue streak or pink
streak in your hair that is more permanent. Don’t be a commitment-phobe
like, (dare I say it?) us men!

Extensions will always be in if you can afford them. Alex Lopez with the Glam Makeup Studio and Extensions at 1518 N Ashland Ave 773.610.9623 did Cece’s extensions which look amazing! The color was matched perfectly using real hair that was clamped onto her hair. They are not heavy and are not any additional maintenance than having long hair and last for months!


And long hair is the way to go this spring, with or without bangs. But one spring trend that you
will see is messy updos and ponytails and you might not have the length to do so. It’s time to get a pony tail extension. Go to Sally’s Beauty Supply or Threads and Heads on Milwaukee Ave. They will fix you up with an inexpensive match-to-your-hair pony that you can add-on for day or night pony and your stylist can play with you to show you how to make up-do magic.

Oh yes. What about the blondes? Girls, you have always been in and this
spring is no exception. But take those Housewives of Orange County brunette
streak out of your hair. They may have looked good in the 90s and on HD
television and on newscasters, but it is over. And, I know you are not
going to love me for this one: but you have to stop bleaching up your hair
to be ashy. I know you’ve been afraid to have some warmth on your head
(because you feel that is brassy) but that’s what’s in for spring. A golden
shiny warm blonde looks healthy and will bring out the rosiness in all skin

Jon-David is a Master Stylist at Joseph Michael’s Salon & Spa and the author of the novels, Mafia Hairdresser and the sequel, The GlowStick Gods. Look for his upcoming books, Social Media for Salons & Spas & the final book in his fiction series, Murder There’s An App For That.
Follow Jon-David @mafiahairdreser

Are you ready for Spring fashion? 3 pieces you MUST keep!

In the fashion world, Spring started months ago. Stores have already put out their Spring collections, in with the new, out with the old! Right? Not exactly. There are some key clothing pieces from your winter wardrobe that you must introduce to your Spring wardrobe! Smart fashion at it’s finest.

First article of clothing? The wide pant. This is a favorite winter items. Cute, fun, and casual. Although heavy fabrics shouldn’t be worn in the Spring, lightweight fabrics or denim can definitely be transitioned into Spring fashion. Put away those boots and pair your wide pant with cute wedges or colorful high heels. You can also lighten up pants with a darker fabric by wearing a light colored top.

A second must save from your winter wardrobe is your tuxedo jacket. This jacket is a classic and can be paired with a set of pearls or a set of colorful bangles to bring out the Spring feel. You can wear this jacket with anything- from dresses to shorts!

Third. Your scarves. Now, we’re not talking about the scarf you wear when it is 20 degrees below zero and you are going to the store to get milk, but we’re talking about the lightweight, patterned scarf you may own, or the solid color pashmina scarf you have! Ladies, these scarves can be worn year round, especially in the spring. Pair that scarf with a spring jacket or a long spring maxi dress. The scarf will give you some warmth (spring in Chicago can still be chilly!) and it will also give you another chance to add color to your outfit!

Now that you have a few pieces you know you can save- start cleaning out your winter wardrobe and start to transition your closet to your spring must haves. One last thing to note: make sure to keep all of your classic items. This includes your white t-shirts, timeless shirts and skirts, and your favorite cardigans. And… If you haven’t worn it in several months… DONATE IT! The clutter won’t help anyone and it will stand in the way of the fabulous spring outfits you have hanging in your closet ready to be worn!

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